Neu im Team

Seit dem 01.04.2019 ist Frau Dr. Carolin Brüning als Zahnärztin in der Praxis Dr. Krüger im Waldweg für Sie da.
Wir freuen uns sehr mit ihr eine kompetente, engagierte und sehr sympathische Zahnärztin für unser Team dazu gewonnen zu haben!
Nach ihrem Studium der Zahnmedizin an der Georg-August-Universität Göttingen von 2010 bis 2015 war Frau Brüning drei Jahre in Berlin tätig und promovierte im Jahr 2018.
Durch die kontinuierliche Teilnahme an Fortbildungen, z.B. am umfangreichen Endodontologie-Curriculum am Pfaff-Institut in Berlin, verfügt Dr. Brüning über ein breites Fachwissen.
Weitere Tätigkeitsschwerpunkte neben Endodontologie liegen in der Ästhetischen Zahnmedizin und Zahnersatz.

Behandlungstermine können unter der Telefonnummer 0551-499470 vereinbart werden.



A professional tooth cleaning is in fact just like a beauty treatment for your teeth. Damaging deposits and disturbing discolorations are being removed thoroughly. Brushing your teeth with an electrical toothbrush and using dental floss is mostly not enough, because most interdental spaces cannot be reached. You can only do that by using special instruments.

But tooth cleaning is a part of the prophylaxis as well. To make your teeth resistant, we seal them, especially with children and teenager. We also cover healthy teeth with fluoride. That strengthens and reminalises the enamel. Both protects from caries.

Implants are artificial dental roots. They can be applied ambulant in local or general anesthesia. They consist of allergy-free titanium and have a special surface, which grows together with the jaw-bone during the healing process. Caps, dental bridges and prothesis can be placed on top of those artificial dental roots without damaging healthy neighboring teeth. In this way single missing teeth and completely edentulous jaws can be provided with aesthetic, fixed dentures.

With implants you can bite, speak and smile without any restrictions again!

The implant-systems that we use are scientifically tested and proved over a long period of time. Often we are able to provide you with implants on the same day we remove the not keepable tooth. A supply of implants is even with a minimum of consisting bones possible. The used treatments are gentle and reduce the temporal effort and the mental burden to a minimum..

In most cases those operations can be realised microsurgically with very subtle instruments and therefore protect the tissue.

Lots of bacteria are in a mouth and they are necessary. But if they reach a number that is too high, gingivitis can be the consequence. The bone, in which the tooth is anchored, retracts and gingival pockets emerge. This can lead to a loss of teeth.

These common symptoms are called parodontitis. It is influenced by many different factors, such as age, smoking and heredity. It is therefore part of our routine examination to check out your gum. This is how we can make sure that parodontitis will be recognised. Thanks to the latest testing procedures, which we use, we can determine the type and number of bacteria in your mouth. We will talk to you about the necessary treatments beforehand.

The dental surgery makes a very important and considerable section of dentistry. It is in most cases basis and requirement for a systematic treatment. The diagnosis has a special status in the surgery. It is necessary to identify medical conditions as early as possible and to cure them. For an extensive view of the diagnosis, besides the clinical examination, the production of x-ray pictures is necessary. In our clinic we watch out for as less radiation exposure for the patient as possible. A restraining indication and the use of the latest digital equipment make it possible for us to keep the radiation exposure to a minimum. The dental surgery includes the extraction of destroyed and dislocated teeth as well as tooth-conserving methods, such as the removal of the apex of a tooth and the treatment of inflammations.

Further segments are:

- the traumatological care
- the preparing surgery before the production of new dentures
- the orthodontic surgery, like the denudation of teeth
- the dental implantology and bone building actions
- paradontological operations

In most cases these interventions can be done with a lokal anesthesia. In some cases however a general anesthetic is possible. On scheduled surgery days we have been working successfully with a team of anesthetists for many years now.

The aesthetic dentistry gets more and more important, as the appearance of our teeth affects our self-confidence and our entire charisma. It’s all right for people with neat teeth to laugh. Fortunately a beautiful smile does not only depend anymore on what is given to you by nature. Defect and displaced teeth today are as unnecessary as conspicuous dental fillings or visible dentures.

To give you the opportunity of recreating the aesthetic and function of your teeth, we work closely together with our highly qualified in-house dental lab. It is our commitment to support you with the latest equipment, that not only helps you to keep your teeth healthy, but also to repair and optimize them aesthetically. .

The following techniques and materials are offered in our clinic:

- composites (tooth coloured acrylic fillings)
- all-ceramic restoration
- all-ceramic inlays (Empress-ceramic)
- Veneers (all-ceramic veneers in the area of the front teeth)
- Bleaching (professional bleaching with a special gel)
- Airflow (gentle removal of discolorations)
- Invisalign (correction of tooth displacements)
- Gum modeling

Your dental aesthetic shouldn’t be a coinsidence. Please ask us for further information.

We have reserved some appointments especially for children. During this time we introduce the children slowly and in a playful way to the work in our clinic, to take away most of the fears before they can even occur.

For a further optimisation of our work with the smaller patients, we are supported by a little handpuppet called Fred. Fred helps the children to pay attention and gets them ready to learn. He does a lot of persuading for necessary treatments and is therefore the ideal motivation, and only needs a very short period of time for that. For more information please don’t hesitate to contact Dr. Veronique Reilmann and her team. We look forward to getting to know you and your child!


The spectrum of modern dental medicine is extremely versatile. There are excellent oral surgeons with lots experiences in implantology; specialised endodontists, who are capable of preserving teeth; caring pedodontists, who take the all the time that is needed to make your child feel comfortable during the treatment; dentists, who are professionals in restoring your teeth; prophylaxis experts, who make sure that your teeth remain healthy...

What is best: At Z17 you find all specialists under one roof.

With our concentrated expertise we will work out the best strategy for your treatment. Even the team of the master laboratory is on-site permanently to achieve the best possible results for our patients.

You will definitely feel comfortable throughout your appointment. We offer you much more than coffee, mineral water and readings in the waiting room.

On 800 square meters, spread over two floors, you can expect an absolutely comfortable ambiance. In our newly designed prophylaxis shop we are giving advice on dental products and of course on individual dental hygiene. From there you can easily reach our cafeteria “Kurkuma”. The menu offers a healthy, seasonal supply: vegan breakfast, lunch and tasty smoothies and much more. In case you have to wait for your treatment a little longer than expected, the “Kurkuma” is the perfect place.

Z17| Your dentist in Göttingen meaning dentistry on the highest level possible. Take our word.

Prophylaxis shop

With our prophylaxis shop we can guarantee perfect dental health. Your dentist at Z17 knows your teeth best and can recommend you individual care products. We offer products which are usually not available at your local drugstore.

Electric toothbrushes by Oral-B (8x winner in product testing (Stiftung Warentest)) are available for a very good price at our shop. Have you heard of a toothpaste called SPLAT? We are always happy to advice you.